Tools for You and Your Clients

As a professional advisor you undoubtedly find many of your clients are already giving annually to their favorite nonprofits. Helping them to develop this plan while balancing a client’s financial needs is no easy task. Iowa community foundations partner with you to help your clients achieve their charitable giving goals. This page offers a compilation of tools and resources to help.

We have provided numerous resources on this site to provide an overview of community foundations, but nothing replaces developing a personal relationship with the CFs in your area. You can find your local community foundation(s) by using the map on our homepage, and they all welcome calls from local professional advisors looking to learn more. They are experts in the local philanthropy landscape and you will find them invaluable resources to have in your back pocket.

What do I need to know about community foundations?

Ask your clients to think through their personal motivations for giving. After they know the Why, dive into the When, What, and How of charitable giving to help you both gain greater clarity on their charitable giving goals – and how you can get them there.

Sample questions to ask your clients to focus their goals:

  • What are your personal motivations for charitable giving?
  • What are your charitable interests in the community?
  • What are your priorities when focusing on a few areas that may make the greatest impact?
  • What level of involvement do you want to have in identifying specific charitable uses for your gift?
  • What other financial situations (such as tax status) do we need to consider when determining the most appropriate giving instrument?

The CAP program is administered by The American College of Financial Services. Its purpose: “The CAP® designation provides comprehensive education on the strategies of philanthropic planning. In addition to helping you master the financial details involved in different forms of gift giving, the program will help you enhance your interpersonal and active listening skills so you can better turn philanthropic aspirations into reality.” Learn more at

Iowa community foundations welcome the opportunity to work with you. Contact your local community foundation today.